Create for their happiness, design for

your lifestyle.

It has been 18 years since CrownPet started to produce pet toys.Our plant scale has been expended from the initial 200 m2 to the present 5,000 m2, witnessing the efforts and dedication of CrowPet people. We will not disappoint the trust and expectation of our customers, and will continue to produce excellent products and provide excellent services to every customer. 


We have a modern standard production workshop, and each area has strict rules and regulations for goods storage. We have a set of processes for production to ensure smooth production process and product quality control. We control the quality of each product and make records through the quality control process and quality controllers, so as to ensure that the products delivered to clients can be qualified, thus winning customers trust and support. 


The development of new products can win market opportunities and provide additional value to customers. We have two sample developers with more than 10 years of experience. We will provide our latest designs to our trusted customers every week, get feedback from customers, and then modify and customize products suitable for the customer market, so as to help customers win market opportunities.

If you have any new ideas and requirements, you can tell us by email, and we will customize products according to your ideas until you approve them.

We have a perfect and humanized management system, but we think it is not enough. The real quality comes more from employees' recognition of the corporate culture and sense of belonging to the enterprise. Only when employees agree with and are willing to belong to the enterprise, can employees do well in every process with their heart and cherish every customer. Therefore, we treat every employee well, cherish every employee, and help every employee, so as to form a company culture of mutual trust, support and love, so that employees feel as warm as home.

Staff peace of mind, mutual love, mutual respect is the direction we have been working for.